The Batman: potential main leads for the film

Warner Bros. is currently working on the superhero movie “The Batman”. While several details on the film are still being kept secret, there have been quite a lot of rumours about who will act as its main character.

The caped crusader was played by Ben Affleck in the productions “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”. It was originally planned that he will write and direct “The Batman” himself. However, he is only producing it. It is not yet known whether he will act as the superhero again. There have been speculations that Warner Bros. requested digital mock-ups for the film featuring two actors; one for Kit Harrington, famous for his role as Jon Snow in “Games of Thrones”. The identity of the other artist has not been revealed yet.

Considering that the movie will focus on a young Bruce Wayne, Kit Harrington would be quite appropriate for the part. However, this role is sought by various actors in the industry. Moreover, the fact that mock-ups were requested for him does not imply that there have been formal talks about this. Critics advanced that the other person is “closer to the Affleck mold”. Since “The Batman” will start filming in spring 2019, fans are hoping to obtain some official news on the cast.

The Batman will start filming next year

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