Halloween: Michael Myers’ theme song revealed

The upcoming “Halloween” sequel will recount the story of the masked killer Michael Myers. Just as in the original production, he will flee from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium to find Laurie Strode. The latter will be played by Jamie Lee Curtis and is one of those who managed to escape from the murderer’s killing spree in 1978. John Carpenter was hired as the film’s composer. The record label “Sacred Bones Records” revealed the song, reintroducing viewers to the criminal. Titled “The Shape Returns”, it is very similar to the one in the original movie.

Michael Myers’ theme song revealed

‘Hereditary’: this movie is scaring some filmmakers

Are you looking forward to watch ‘Hereditary’? This is the directorial debut of Ari Aster and it has scared some filmmakers. The motion picture is receiving mainly positive reviews and is cited as a beautifully shot supernatural thriller. Its shocking sequences are unravelled to the audience with expertise. The horrific scenes in the movie start after the death of Grandmother Ellen in the Graham family. The character Annie is played by Toni Collette and she continuously finds out more about her devastating ancestral secrets. ‘Hereditary’ stars Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne and Alex Wolff.

Toni Collette-TopStreaming
Toni Collette in a scene of ‘Hereditary’