Captain Marvel: its trailer received 109 million views

Marvel Studios recently revealed the trailer of the movie “Captain Marvel”. This motion picture will star Brie Larson as the superheroine. Within 24 hours of the video’s release, the company announced that it had already amassed 109 million views across the world. Those include figures from people watching on all social media sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Fans are excited about this production because it is the first female-led solo film made by the studio. Additionally, Captain Marvel will allow viewers to discover new characters, stories and worlds.

brie larson
Captain Marvel’s trailer is released

Bridesmaids will not have a sequel

Fans of the movie “Bridesmaids” will be disappointed to know that there will not be any sequel to the motion picture. Released in 2011, the film was a huge success. It earned $288 million at the global box office and was nominated for two Oscars. It recounts the story of a woman experiencing a crisis after someone comes between her and her best friend, who is soon going to be married. While Universal Pictures wanted to make a second “Bridesmaids” movie, its director asserted that this might not be a good idea.

A sequel to Bridesmaids will not be made

Annabelle 3: more details on the film

One of the next films in the ‘Conjuring Universe’ is “Anabelle 3”. While “Anabelle: Creation”, the second instalment in this series, was a prequel to the first one, this one will bring viewers to the future. It will be written and directed by Gary Dauberman, the screenwriter of “The Nun”. He announced that shooting will begin mid-October and that “Anabelle 3” will be set in the Warrens’ house. This horror film will be about what happens when the doll comes into the artifact room.

Shooting for Anabelle 3 will start in October

The Conjuring 3 will start filming in 2019

According to reports, filming of the motion picture “The Conjuring 3” will start in 2019. This news was confirmed by Peter Safran, producer of ‘The Conjuring’ franchise, while he was giving an interview for the promotion of “The Nun”. He asserted that the screenplay of the movie is “coming along great” and that he is aiming for a 2020 release. This project was approved by Warner Bros. in early 2017. David Leslie Johnson, the screenwriter of “The Conjuring 2”, was appointed to write its script. However, the exact start date is not yet known.

Peter Safran believes shooting of ‘The Conjuring 3” will start next year

Lobo: Dwayne Johnson supports Dean Morgan as the protagonist

In 2012, it was rumoured that Dwayne Johnson would star in a Lobo movie for Warner Bros. and DC. However, the film was never made and the actor collaborated with its director Brad Peyton for other projects. Recently, during an appearance at Walker Stalker Con, Jeffrey Dean Morgan stated that he wished to play the character Lobo in a movie. He said that the DC antihero was a “badass”. When Johnson heard of this, he showed his support via Twitter, giving his official approval to Morgan taking the role.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to act in a Lobo movie

A Quiet Place: its sequel got a release date

Earning more than $332 million across the world, the movie “A Quiet Place” was very successful at the box office. It is a science-fiction horror film directed by John Krasinski, who also starred in the production along with his wife Emily Blunt. Less than a month after its release, it was announced at CinemaCon that a sequel would be made.

Recently, Paramount Pictures revealed the official release date for the second instalment titled “A Quiet Place 2”. According to schedule, it will hit theatres on the 15th of May 2020. The motion picture is still in its early stages of development. The producer of the first film, Andrew Form, has stated that they are waiting for the perfect story. He advances that the creative team is working on various ideas so that they are able to make the ‘best possible movie that they can’. While Krasinski has announced that he would like to explore more characters, there are several speculations about the motion picture’s plot. It could recount the story of the first production’s survivors or it could be on various tales that occur within the same shared universe. Form has also revealed that the director/actor will be back for “A Quiet Place 2”. However, his role regarding the film is unclear at the moment.

emily blunt
“A Quiet Place 2” will be released in 2020

Timeless: details about its movie revealed

In June 2018, the co-creator of the series “Timeless” confirmed the news that a third season will not be made. In 2017, the same decision was made for the show’s second instalment. Afterwards, NBC reversed its pronouncement and went ahead with the production. However, it only averaged 4.2 million viewers which implied that another succession of programmes might not be successful. Disappointed, fans deployed a passionate #ClockBlockers social media campaign.

The result of this operation was fruitful. This time, NBC has decided to make a one-off revival movie. The film will be a two-hour episode through which fans will be able to watch Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter trying to save Rufus (Malcolm Barrett). On the 23rd of August, “Timeless Writers” started to reveal some interesting information on Twitter. They announced that the first part of the motion picture will be written by Lauren Greer and Arika Lisanne Mittman will pen the script for the second one. It also declared that NBC has approved “stories for [the] two-hour event” implying that the film will consist of two distinct episodes. It will be directed by John Showalter who worked on “The Capture of Benedict Arnold” and “The Murder of Jesse James”

According to schedule, shooting will begin in October and the complete product might be released in December of this year itself.

A Timeless movie is being made